Course Updates



January Course Update

by Office

on Fri January 25, 2019


There is some disease scaring caused by fusarium on the greens but this has been spot treated and generally the greens are holding up relatively well. An application of dew dispersant has also been applied to keep greens as dry as possible.

The dry weather has also allowed us to put a cut on fairways, tees, tee banks and semi rough and we are now in the process of Flymo work around all bunkers.
Mowing and general tidying up of the course will continue whilst conditions are on our side, "Fingers Crossed"


Work began in December on solving the drainage issues on the putting green.

The make up of the putting green is basically 3-4 inches of rootzone that has built up over the years through top dressing but unfortunately this sits on top of a very deep layer of clay.

3 lateral drains have been installed through the low spots to a depth of around 2ft and then piped,stoned and backfilled with rootzone.

These drains then run into a sump at a depth of 7ft, unfortunately at this depth it was still solid clay so an additional sump was installed with a lateral drain linking the two to be used as an overflow.


The sumps were then back filled with large stone and top soil was applied, ready for seed.

To illustrate the amount of water just below the surface of the putting green causing the green to flood see the video below, this was after 4 hours of rainfall


Clearance of overgrowth to the ditch to the left hand side of the 3rd, has now been completed along with silt clearance and a slight re shaping of ditch up to the bridge on the 5th. The remainder of the ditch will be completed in the near future.


3 poor bunkers have now been filled in and re shaped.

The 16th bunker was filled in and re shaped creating some slight mounding. This has been seeded but germination this time of year is very slow.

The 8th bunker was filled and gorse plants transported from the course were added to the back part of this area.seeding and top soil has now been completed to this area along with the filled in bunker on the 18th.

All 3 of these bunkers presented different problems 16th was an issue due to regular vandalism. the 8th and 18th presented drainage issues for the adjacent green. 


Unfortunately, 3 ash trees on the 17th have been suffering from disease (not ash dieback) and have presented a possible health and safety issue, therefore the decision was made to remove and replace with new, 4 pine trees have now been planted in a similar area as a replacement.


Work on widening the base of the ditch on the 17th is due to begin week commencing the 28th of January.

How pin placements are selected

by Office

on Thu April 12, 2018

As we hopefully edge ever closer to some better weather you will start to see increased activity on the greens by our greenstaff, including mowing, tining, hollow tining, sand dressing,verti cutting and rolling to name a few !
Every week/fortnight we will be posting a question on different activities with some answers as to why and how each task is done, to hopefully give you more understanding to what goes on with your greens!
We will start this off with Pin Placements!


A number of things are taken into consideration when selecting pin positions

1- To be around 10ft away from previous hole
2- Try to keep away from previous holes that have not fully recovered
3- damage to green including disease scarring
4- To be around 7ft from perimeter of green (flag length)
5- County/Club Champs pins are selected around 2 weeks prior to comp. These areas are then avoided for the period leading up to event to allow for the best possible surface to putt on around selected pin.
6- when possible 6 easy 6 medium 6 hard positions will try to be selected mixing up front/middle and back pins
7- weather conditions

There are dryer area's to every green (believe it or not).  These area's are selected during prolonged periods of rain

Next Week's Question will be about hollow tining and solid tining greens!