How pin placements are selected

by Office

on Thu April 12, 2018

As we hopefully edge ever closer to some better weather you will start to see increased activity on the greens by our greenstaff including mowing/tining/hollow tining/sand dressing/verti cutting/rolling to name a few!
Every week/fortnight we will be posting a question on different activities with some answers as to why and how each task is done to hopefully give you more understanding to what goes on with your greens!
We will start this off with Pin Placements!


A number of things are taken into consideration when selecting pin positions

1- To be around 10ft away from previous hole
2- Try to keep away from previous holes that have not fully recovered
3- damage to green including disease scarring
4- To be around 7ft from perimeter of green (flag length)
5- County/Club Champs pins are selected around 2 weeks prior to comp. These areas are then avoided for the period leading up to event to allow for the best possible surface to putt on around selected pin.
6- when possible 6 easy 6 medium 6 hard positions will try to be selected mixing up front/middle and back pins
7- weather conditions

There are dryer area's to every green (believe it or not) these area's are selected during prolonged periods of rain

Next Week's Question will be about hollow tining and solid tining greens!

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