Rules of 5 Day Membership

Five Day Members of the Club enjoy the privileges as laid down in the Rules and Regulations, these rules intend to clarify that position and do not supersede them.

The play is restricted to five days, Monday to Friday including public holidays. Except for tee time reservations as designated by the club diary and club notice boards.

Five Day Members may sign guests in at the applicable green fee rates:

  • Weekdays: Three guests thereafter 9.00am.

  • Weekends: Not applicable.

  • Public Holidays: Three guests thereafter 9.00am, for public holidays not falling on a weekend.

Five Day Members may play on the weekends after 11.30am on payment of a members’ guest rate, but cannot sign in a guest. They do not need to be signed by a Full Member but must sign the green fee book.

Five Day Members playing at the weekends may play in club competitions upon payment of the members’ guest rate and any applicable entry fee.

Bag tags must be displayed at all times. All members must abide by the club's rules and bylaws, and familiarise themselves with the dress code regulations.