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How to join

Step One:
Decide which payment option is best for you:
There are two Payment options:
1) Payment in full,
2) 20% upfront payment and the remainder financed with Our direct debit partner.

Step Two:
Complete in full the form at the bottom of this page . Be sure to let us know which payment option you would like as this will allow us to construct your invoice correctly.

Step Three:
You will receive a welcome pack, members handbook, and invoice.
At the bottom of the invoice, you will find your personalised login credentials for It is a safe and secure system that is the Club’s preferred method for fees to be paid.

Step Four:
Where prompted, enter your credentials into the relevant fields at

Step Five:
Choose your method of payment:

‘Pay Monthly by Direct Debit’
This option walks you through a step by step process to apply for a Direct Debit Agreement with Premium Credit. This agreement comes with a £5 setup fee and an interest rate of 7.1%.
(Don’t confuse the APR rate of 14.7% that is highlighted in the signup process with the interest rate of 7.1%, members will only be charged 7.1% by Premium Credit for financing their annual membership fee).


‘Pay Using Card’
This option will allow you to pay in full using your debit or credit card. It is the same process as making any online purchase.
Some members have found that their first attempt to pay using this option has either prompted their bank to reach out and ask for approval of the payment, or it has been declined. If the later happens, simply contact your bank and ask that on the next attempt the transaction is marked as safe and approved.

Step 6:
If you opted to use Premium Credit you will receive a notification email.
If you opted to pay in full, and have downloaded and registered to the ClubV1 app, you will see that upon completing the transaction, your account balance has been reduced to zero.